Delivery of the Voortman V320

Posted by Olivia on 4 March 2021

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Our brand new Voortman V320 Plate Drilling & Cutting Machine is up and running.

Please get in touch with any plate enquiries. The V320 is a CNC pass-through plate processing machine built to automate part handling. The machine is equipped with both plasma and oxy-fuel cutting technology as well as a robust drill. With features like a 10-station automatic tool changer, automatic part removal conveyor, integrated swarf brush and the fastest height control available, the V320 provides uncompromised part accuracy and automation. Plasma cutting is much faster than oxy-fuel cutting in the lower mild steel thickness range (3mm up to 25 mm). Capital expenditures for the same size plasma machine are 75% lower than high-powered fiber lasers while maintaining or outpacing cuttting speeds at a medium thickness (12 mm) and up. For medium-to-thick stainless steels where oxy-fuel is not an option, plasma is by far the preferred cutting technology.

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